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Turn your house into a mini jungle with these 10 ideas

Green lovers, it’s time to think outside the pot! Are you obsessed with indoor plants? You’re not alone! Plants can bring life to every room of your home. Here are some great ideas to make your living space more comfortable, breathable, and luxurious. 1. Hanging From The Ceiling Hanging plants are a great way to […]

7 easy and affordable ways to decorate bedroom door

Need some door ideas? We are thrilled to share with you 7 creative ways to decorate bedroom door with easy and affordable. Have you ever walked around your bedroom and feel like your door is just too plain as compared to other parts of the house? As one of the elements that is often forgotten when doing interior […]

8 stunning ladder hacks to glorify your house

Don’t get rid of your old ladder as it can makeover your house like this. 1. Ladder chandelier The presence of light together with the old look of the ladder create a nostalgic and romantic feeling. You can hang your suspended ladder in the house for a romantic meal with the whole family, or hang […]