Turn your house into a mini jungle with these 10 ideas

Green lovers, it’s time to think outside the pot!

Are you obsessed with indoor plants? You’re not alone! Plants can bring life to every room of your home. Here are some great ideas to make your living space more comfortable, breathable, and luxurious.

1. Hanging From The Ceiling

Hanging plants are a great way to make a room look fresh and stylish. Your room will look like a mini tropical getaway!

Make sure that you use strong hanging to stay safe.

There are thousands ways to hang your plants. Don’t limit your imagination.

See this romantic plant curtain here? You can do even better.

2. Wall Mounted Planters

It’s time to start thinking vertically!

Wall-mounted pots and vases will turn your plants into living wall art and add a unique touch to any room.

3. A Shelf of Plants

Shelves are the perfect place to showcase your plants.

You don’t need custom shelving – a bookcase or a floating shelf in your living room or bedroom will work perfectly!

4. Branches In Water

Rather than using the whole plant, take just a branch and put it in a vase with some water.

This solution looks perfect when paired with a minimalist or bohemian interior!

5. Bathroom Jungle

Bathrooms are fantastic places for houseplants. They tend to be warmer and more humid, exactly what the majority of plants need.

A mini indoor jungle will brighten up even a dark low-light bathroom!

If you do not like too much plants in your bathroom, which may take time to take care of, some pots of plant here and there still add aesthetism to your chilling time in the hot tub.

6. Planty Bookends

Here’s an unexpected way to decorate with plants!

Hold your favorite novels between some potted foliage, and brighten up your bookshelf with this clever solution! Show this to your bookworm friends and I know they will love this.

If you affraid that your thick books can push away these bookends, don’t forget to use AH3plus Nano Adhesive Tape. Your books will stay in place between these beautiful plants but still movable under your organization.

7. Bushy Drawers

Get creative: think outside the pot!

Turn an old desk into a stylish planter box by tucking bushy plants into opened drawers.

8. Floating Shelf

Floating shelves are great for apartments short on wall space or any home that needs an extra touch of display space.

To make it suitable with your space, think of small or bigger pot and plants. This style can go well with all corners of your house, from large space like a corner of your living room or much narrower like on your table.

9. Window Display

Hang your mini garden right in front of your brightest window!

Nowhere is better indoor for your lovely plants than the brightest window that get all the sunshine in.

If you are to display a mini garden in your kitchen, basils, pasley, rosemarry and other herb are the best. They are beautiful while adds special taste to your food.

Gourmets, it’s time for your herb garden.

How about adding some books and turn your window into a reading corner that every bookworm will dream of?

Do it, and love it.

10. Vines On The Wall

Choose a climbing vine, and your apartment will immediately feel outdoorsy – even if you’re living in the middle of a big city.

Use a rack to guide the vine in any direction you want it to grow; keep in mind that it will naturally creep towards the light source.

Tired of all the drilling and nails? Try this. Collect some corks, wire, a vine and AH3 Plus Nano Adhesive Tape, you will cast a spell on anyone coming to your corner.
If you love this idea, dont forget to check Diy: a pegboard for plants for tutorial.

That’s all that you can do to treat your house with some green therapy? No, green ideas are unlimited, but we believes that these ideas can give you a fresh thought to start with. Don’t forget to share with us if you love these ideas.

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