7 easy and affordable ways to decorate bedroom door

Need some door ideas? We are thrilled to share with you 7 creative ways to decorate bedroom door with easy and affordable.

Have you ever walked around your bedroom and feel like your door is just too plain as compared to other parts of the house?

As one of the elements that is often forgotten when doing interior decor, you can enhance the look of your door with easy and affordable tricks that we will share here so you can decorate your door and elevate your bedroom decoration to the next level.

1. Set free the artist in you with Chalkboard door

Here in this chalkboard, you can draw some art or write motivational words so you can see that every day. Also, you can use it to write your to-do list or your life’s target so that will be easier and more visible rather than if you write it in a diary book or on your smartphone.

Today, many choices of charlkboard stickers are available on the market that can be installed easily in your door.

This bedroom door ideas is perfect for bedroom with retro or industrial decor.

2. Custom Your Own Door Stickers

If in the previous idea we used a ready made door sticker, this time you can try using custom stickers that you can order to make your door more attractive. If you make a custom sticker, don’t be half-hearted! Make something that is indeed unique and describes your personality.

For example, we can make a full custom one-door sticker to turn the door into a keyboard for those of you who like music or indeed work as a pianist.

Tip: First, make sure you measure the length and width of the door before ordering a custom sticker so that the results are precise with your door size. Next tip, if you use a custom sticker that fully covers the door, it’s better to first remove the door handle when installing the sticker so that it can be installed perfectly.

3. Add 3D Panel Effect

If you had a boring plain/flat bedroom door ideas, then you can use this bedroom door ideas to make the door much more attractive. By using custom molding, you can make your door look more attractive because it seems to have a separate panel and gives 3D effect that will make it look more luxurious.

If you enjoy doing woodworking by yourself at home, then you can make this molding easily using any available wood you had. But if you are not familiar with woodworking work, don’t worry, you can order this molding to a professional carpenter who will make it for you at a very cheap price, because indeed molding like this is very easy to make and does not require a lot of wood material.

But keep in mind, not all types of doors can be decorated using wood molding like this. For non-wood door materials such as plastic or aluminum, other material should be used for the add-on mold to get an overall harmony effect.

4. Get Your Brush On

Repaint your bedroom door sounds boring, isn’t it? You can bring it into the next level by repaint it using multiple colors and made some interesting motif such as geometric ones and make it seamless with the wall beside the door.

Using this approach, you can create an unique room door design. All you need to do is to make a motif that you want to apply to your door by using adhesive tape. After that, you can repaint it and follow the motif that you already made. If you are not feel confident to repaint it by yourself, you can hire some experts to help you paint the door of your room following the motifs you have made.

Tip: To get far more interesting results, you can make geometric motifs that seem to flawless to the walls like in the example image below:

5. Create Elegant Door using Decorative Nails

For those of you who have a luxurious bedroom decoration concept, then this bedroom door decorations ideas can be used to decorate your old bedroom door that looks boring. Yes, just using a decorative nails, you can make the look of the bedroom door look more elegant, very easily and cheaply.

In case you don’t know, decorative nails is a nail made especially for decorating purpose. It has an unique head to make it looks artistic when used. Decorative nail comes with different heads, such as rounded or rectangular ones. It also had different selections of finish, like chrome or aluminium.

You can make certain motifs / patterns by using nails, thus creating a separate panel effect on your door. If you are happy with random geometric effects, you can also make geometric patterns on your bedroom door using decorative nails.

Tip: Before using this trick, you must first know the material of your door. Make sure the material used is safe and can be planted by decorative nails without damaging the door. Next, make a pattern first using adhesive tape until you get the right pattern, then you can install the decorative nails following the pattern that was created.

6. Create Elegant Bedroom Door using Wallpaper

If you want to completely change the motives on the door of your bedroom, rather than painting, the choice of using wallpaper is one alternative that can be considered. Besides being able to make the door look more attractive, its installation is easier than when you have to repaint the entire door.

Sounds boring? Couldn’t agree more. Using wallpaper to cover up all your bedroom door doesn’t make much improvement in bedroom decoration. But here, we can tweak it a little bit to make it look much more interesting.

To make the door more attractive, you can use 2 or more different wallpaper motifs by using the help of list to separate each of the different wallpapers. You can play with your own creativity to create the best combination using 2 or more different wallpaper.

Tip: remove the doorknob when installing wallpaper so that the installation is more perfect.

7. DIY Your Door Using String and Tape

Bring the imagination game on. With only simple materials like wire, tape, rope, etc, you cna totally transform your door.

Tips: Sketch your artwork on paper first before excercising on your door. Remove all the residue glue or adhesion to avoid dirt.

We hope that with these 7 tips, there is no more boring doors in your beautifully decorated bedroom. Thus, your door can have a design concept that looks seamless with your room’s interior design ideas without the need to replace it with a new door that will cost you some extra money.

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