10 effective tips to declutter your house

Whatever you do to keep your house neat, your house still seems small with stuff pilling everywhere. If that’s your case, check out these tips to declutter your lovely home.

1. Clear the countertops

When your kitchen table are full of bottles and utensils, your space seems dirty and messy even though you keep it as clean as possible. Imagine an office desk full of paper and pens and a well organized one. The feeling applies the same as in any countertop in your house.

The solution is to utilize cabinets, drawers and hidden space. Leave only minimal decoration and things that you use frequently and put away the rest. Your space will sure look cleaner and larger.

2. Minimalize your decoration

Everyone loves to decorate their sweet home with beautiful and meaningful items. However, remember that your house also needs some space for your eyes to rest. It means that you should choose only some part of the room to emphasize with some decoration, not all of them. The decoration I mention here can be anything, your family photos, a collection of pottery dishes of your mother, etc.

Keep your photos in a beautiful album and display it on the shelf, put away the dishes in a glass door cabinet. This way, your house is still beautiful but in a neater way.

3. Simplify your fridge door

Fridge door can become a battle field of magnets and notes, and you can forget  which one is the latest to remind you “Don’t forget”.

Move all the note to a pegboard. Take every unnecessary things down. Paste an erasable to-do list board. No excessive photos, no excessive magnets, and most of all, we keep no paper clutter.

4. Clear your entryway

The entryway to your home is the first thing your guests see when they come to your home. If you live is a cold or wet climate where you often remove your shoes, this is an area you will definitely need to address.

If you remove shoes every time you enter your home, let’s create a shoe cubby for every individual’s shoes.

If the kids hang coats, gloves, and outerwear, let’s create a space to hang and store these items.

5. Throw pillow – Love all, keep some

Don’t keep too many throw pillow on your bed or sofa. If you have too many and you don’t know which one to keep, keep the one with the color matching your decoration and keep the others in your closet so that you can take them out when giving those on the sofa now a wash.

6. Toy room – OMG

Every mom knows this feeling when they have to deal with a mess of toys. Go through them first to see if anything is broken or no longer usable. Donate or put away the toys that your children are no longer interested. Ask them first!

Teach your kids to do a daily toy clean up with you until they get the hang of doing it on their own.

7. Time to give away old, abandoned furniture

Everyone has been in a home that is filled to every corner with wall to wall furniture. Sometimes we inherit furniture and antiques, and we don’t know quite what to do with them. We feel guilty for parting with them because they belonged to a loved one. Parting with the furniture feels wrong.

Getting rid of furniture or gifts from loved ones does NOT mean you don’t love or appreciate them. Instead you must love your space. Loving your space means you want to be in it and enjoy it every day. You want to fill your space with the things that you love.

Keeping everything everyone gives you will prevent you from doing that. Go through your home and remove any excess furniture and create space for the eyes to “rest.”

But in most case, your chair will become like this.

8. Empty your laundry basket, both clean and dirty

We all have to deal with laundry and the work that it requires. Laundry baskets full of clean clothes create a feeling of clutter if you don’t address this daily. Get in the habit of putting clean laundry away every single day. Do not let it linger.

9. Don’t leave your kitchen in a mess

This goes without saying, but dishes have to be addressed daily. Once it’s clean and dry, put it away as soon as you can to avoid the clutter.

Your kitchen will become much spacious and neat if the countertop is clear of food and utensils. Keep only the things you need to reach right away and put away the rest.

Another small tip is to paint your kitchen in rather light color if you want it to look bigger. It will give some space for your eyes to rest.

10. Make your bed

As the bed goes, so goes the room. Make your beds daily. Teach the kids to do so, also. Again, do not make this more complicated than it has to be by adding to many decorative pillows and too many accessories.

Also, maybe you or your spouse have a space in your room or closet where you lay “clean” clothes, meaning you only wore it a few hours and it’s too clean to wash but too dirty to put away. Start hanging or folding these items daily. Avoid putting them on the chairs or the beds. Create a specific space to store these until they need to be washed.

Enjoy declutting and don’t forget to check out for more tips and ideas.

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