8 stunning ladder hacks to glorify your house

Don’t get rid of your old ladder as it can makeover your house like this.

1. Ladder chandelier

The presence of light together with the old look of the ladder create a nostalgic and romantic feeling. You can hang your suspended ladder in the house for a romantic meal with the whole family, or hang in your garden for a chilling party with the one you love.

Small light string with vine for an artistic look.

2. Ladder clothes hanger

Lean your ladder to the wall, suspend it or install it to your closets, you will make a lot of space for your house.

3. Ladder shelves

Clean your old ladder, coat it with some paint and spray if you like and add some hardboards, voila, your new book shelf is here.

4. Ladder shoes rack

Similar to making a book shelf from a ladder, this ladder shoe rack is even easier. You can add hardboards if you want or just let the ladder do all the stuff.

5. Ladder utensil hanger

If you love a handy kitchen with all the pots and pans within reach all the time, this idea is for you.

6. Ladder plant holders

Add some green hue to your house quickly with your ladder. It can also become the frame for a lovely vine.

7. Ladder towel hanger

This idea is suitable for most rooms in your house. Your ladder can become a towel rack for your bathroom, or a lovely decoration for your bedroom, especially in winter when we all love to wrap ourselves in cozy scarf.

8. Ceremony frame

If you want to add some dreamy vibe to your special occasion but don’t know where to start, check this out. Whether it is a birthday party, family reunion, ceremony or even wedding party, you will love these ladder ideas.

Do you love these ideas? Don’t forget to share with us your cool old ladder hacks.

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