8 super easy tips to add personality to your bedroom

The apprearance of your whole bedroom can be transformed by just a single change.

If you do not know where to start, or hesitate to invest too much time and budget in renovating your space, these 8 handy tips can give you some ideas to say our self-statement ourloud, starting from your bedroom.

1. Matching carpet

Give your room a stunning carpet and leave the rest uncomplicated. Matching color carpet and bed sheet items is always a great idea to turn your bedroom into a stylist shelter. You can choose the color according to your interest, zodiac sign or any reference you love. Feel free to be yourself.

2. Ton-sur-ton colorful walls

Say goodbye to bland wall colors that stay default from room to room. It’s time to say your self-statement out loud with your paint color. The harmony in this room is created by ton-sur-ton wall, pillow, cabinet and carpet, which are all coated in white and blue. You can consider accenting one wall like this or all four walls, with color or your favorite painting.

3. Pattern rich bed sheet

A pattern rich bed sheet can bring your bedroom to the next level of style. You can choose one with a plain yet powerful color instead. It’s time to put away your ordinary crisp white bedding and try something new.

4. Fall in love with light system

We see things differently under different lighting conditions. Yellow light brings coziness to your room while purple light can make your room seem modern and chill. Try adding a different light color that suits your mood and you will not regret. Remember, natural light is always the best, so consider make way for it when arranging your room.

5. Nail your motivational words

Even though it looks not much different than a normal way to decorate your room, it is indeed a good way to state your personality boldly.

It can be your life quote, self motivation or the picture of yourself or everyone you love. Don’t limit it to just one item. Vary the size and number and show everyone who got a chance to visit your room who you are and what you value. Turning your favorite quote into a light like this is a good idea for you to consider.

6. A bench

If you still have room at the foot of bed, consider buying a vintage bench or trunk to add a bit of dreaming to your space. There are benches that contain space to store some stuff if you have a rather small room but still want to makeover your room with this item.

7. Mirror mirror on the wall

Have you ever though that those magic words will glorify your room?

A beautiful will sure make you look better when you see yourself in it, and clearly, it can also add style to your room while drawing the attention of anyone who steps in. For small bedroom, adding a mirror is also an old but gold trick to make the room look bigger.

8. Stay green, stay fresh

The color of nature is always among the most beautiful decorating elements. Add some greenery to your room is a simple yet effective way to brighten up your room.

Home is where the heart is, and it is also a place where many of us spend a lot of time at. Whether it is a big house or just an apartment or a rental room, our shelter deserves love and delicate caring, as it is where we are embraced and soothed after all the hustle and bustle out there, a place where we can be ourselves without judgement. So why not make your space more “you” instead of leaving it covered in a default, bland apprearance?

Don’t forget to check our blogs for more cool and handy tips and ideas for all parts of your house and share with us the room in your very own style.

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